MIRACLE!!! Woman Gives Birth To 17 Babies At Once With 29 Hours Operation (photos)


There is nothing God cannot do, with Him all things are possible. Imagine a woman to carry 17 people in her belly for nine months, and still survive, only God can do it.

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This woman break world record and inspire many women to believe in God in times pregnancy and delivering. The news has gone round on Facebook.

“It was incredible” explains Dr. Jack Morrow who assisted the woman through the whole operation.” The babies kept coming and coming and coming and coming… Man! I think I’m gonna have nightmares about this day for a long time! This was my last delivery!” he adds in disgust.

Catherine Bridges and her husband had been trying to have a child for many years and had decided last year to use medical assistance from a fertility clinic in Rhodes Island. The insemination process was definitely successful, as the couple got an entire litter of seventeen beautiful and identical boys.

The couple has already chosen the names for the boys with an obvious continuity of thought: James, Jacob, Jarod, Jarvis, Jason, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Jerome, Jesse, Jimmy, Joachim, Jonathan, Jonas, Joseph, Julian, Jimbo and surprisingly, Darth Porkinus.



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